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 Ki and Aikido 

Aikido training with emphasize on Ki centering 


 Ki Training

Ki training includes Ki exercies for mind body unification, Ki development through Ki breathing and Ki meditation techniques.  



Ki practice for health, consist of stretching and basic Ki movements to release the tension and stress of the body and by applying the basics of Ki pressure massage. 





Koichi Tohei sensei was the founder of Ki No Kenkyukaiu International and Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido. He has spread the principles of Ki and Aikido in the USA and Europe since 1953



Koichi Tohei Sensei








Ki No Kenkyukai Association Internationale
Established by Yoshigasaki Doshu to further develop the concepts of Tohei Sensei. The organisation has over 4000 members and 120 clubs predominately in Europe but also in Africa and South America




Yoshigasaki Sensei