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 Ki and Aikido 

Aikido training with emphasize on Ki centering 


 Ki Training

Ki training includes Ki exercies for mind body unification, Ki development through Ki breathing and Ki meditation techniques.  



Ki practice for health, consist of stretching and basic Ki movements to release the tension and stress of the body and by applying the basics of Ki pressure massage. 




Aikido Travel to the Philippines


S. Mahesh will Travel to Manila  and  will visit different Aikido Dojos

from April 15 to May 17, 2011








Ki Training and Ki Healing  Workshop Seminar


You are invited to a week end Ki training and Ki Healing seminar-workshop with our Aiki Sensei Mahesh on 11-12 September, Unity Center in Oslo


Discover your potential power to heal yourself and others, by realizing the flow of that Universal energy within you.


Kiatsu Ho is a system by utilizing the use of Ki energy .It is a form of massage by projecting the ki healing energy through the fingers or hands. Ki is limitless energy always available from the universe to anyone who knows how to receive it, and as long as the Kiatsu practitioner knows how to tune the mind with the universe the Ki flows effectively.


This Ki Energy can be enhanced by the practice of Kenkodo, Ki training exercises, Ki breathing and meditation and to the awareness of Ki principle in our action into our daily life.


In this workshop we will learn the application of the Ki energy in our daily life improve our health and develop an inner harmony to understand and realize our true potentials.


Place: Unity Center

Mollergate 23

Oslo Norway


Date: 11-12 September

Saturday: kl 10.00-12.00 and kl 13.00-15.00

Sunday: kl 10.00-12.00 and kl 13.00-15-00


For more info:

Mobile: +46 70 725 3162


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