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• Ki and Aikido »

Aikido training with emphasize on Ki centering 


• Ki Training »

Ki training includes Ki exercies for mind body unification, Ki development through Ki breathing and Ki meditation techniques.  


• Kenkodo »

Ki practice for health, consist of stretching and basic Ki movements to release the tension and stress of the body and by applying the basics of Ki pressure massage. 






The Ki energy works when the mind and body is in in the state of harmony. When the mind is in living calmness and the body is totally relax.


Ki and Aikido Training


The the enphasize of Ki centering in every Aikido movement. 


Ki Aikido -Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, is a unique martial art that develops the harmony of mind and body.


The Aikido techniques is not only use for self-defense but to helps one to gain self-confidence,  to resolve conflicts in daily life. It is Self defence with out using the brute force to neutralise aggressions.      


Ki Training


The Ki development exercises train one to always maintain maintain the unification of mind and body in our daily life. By applying them to our life, we can perform to the best of our ability in all circumstances. -koichi Tohei Sensei.




Kenkodo, the way of health, is practiced to enhance the health of others and yourself. There is an effective  breathing-meditation exercise and Kenkotaiso, a personal yoga like stretching movements.



Five methods are studied:

1.Kokyuho – breathing method

2. Seizaho – meditation method

3. Kenkotaiso – method of exercising your own body

4. Sotaiho – method of exercising another person’s body

5. Teateho – method of placing hands






Training Schedule


Wednesdays kl 18.40- 19.15 AiKi Yoga exercise 
Friday kl 18.45- 19.30  Aikido for self- defence (private))
Sundays kl 10.00- 11.45 Ki Training and basic Kiat Su H



For free beginner's lesson contact the Aiki center Aikido instructor.


Wear comfortable training clothes or Aikido Gi  during the kesson. 


Free 2 beginners lesson


Classes are held in:


Stockholms Träningscenter

Döbelnsgatan 64


T-Bana Odenplan  or Rådmansgatan


For more informations:

e-mail:  or

mobil: 070-725 3162









The full movement of the hip without disturbing the straightness of the spine gives good health.


Kiatsu H- Energy Massage


Kiatsu is a modern Japanese Massage for relieving the stress and  tension in the body and to let the body experience the full relaxation.  Every Kiatsu touch soothes the nerves, to increase body energy circulations. Applying Kiatsu by a slight pressure of hands or finger with extend ki energy, gives the feeling of peace and harmony.   

Plats: c/o Min Massage
         Bohusgatan 35, 116 67  Stockholm.
         (T-ban Skantull, after ICA Ringvägen) 

Information: s.mahesh

Mobile: 070 725 3162

Home:   08 604 5270

E post:






Yoga is the way to develop total unty of body and mind. Ki yoga is base in the universal principle of Ki, for every Ki Yoga lesson includes, yoga postures and exercises, breathing techniques, relaxation, concentration and meditation. The Ki Yoga practice helps the students to understand the vital life force and its function in attaining good physical health and mental peace and harmony. This is the Yoga system that anyone can practice regardless of age and physical conditions.


Place: Dharma Yoga Centre c/o Bo Ahlinder
          Karlbervägen 32A
          113 27 Stockholm  .
          T-ban Odenplan exit Västmannagatan 
Information: Call s.mahesh 070 725 3162 or 08 604 5270
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